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Vehicle Drivetrain Parts and Components

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Drivetrain Replacement Parts

The complex drivetrain system of your car is responsible for putting the vehicle into motion. Whether you have front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, it is your car's bearings, CV joints and shafts, and transmission shafts that send the power of the engine to the wheels.

NAPA stocks everything you need for drivetrain repair and maintenance, including transmission components such as clutches (for manual transmissions), oil pans and filters (for automatic transmissions), and hard-to-find gaskets, seals, and parts.

Stop by a NAPA Auto Parts store near you or buy online and have the parts reserved at your local store.

Internal combustion engines create an enormous amount of heat. To prevent overheating and damage to internal parts, that heat needs to be transferred away from the engine. But while too much heat is no good, too little heat can cause problems as well during our long winters. Indeed, the heater core is what keeps you warm inside your car or truck, using heat generated by the engine. The radiator may be the best-known component in the cooling system, but it's the water pump and thermostat that control the flow of antifreeze through the system. In some cases, added cooling capacity can come in the form of an oil cooler or air intake intercooler. Each part has a special job, and the failure of any one of them can cause serious problems. Your local NAPA Auto Parts has the heating and cooling parts you need to keep your engine running at optimal temperature.