Scott® Shop Towels & Scott® Rags In A Box™

Whether you own an automotive shop, are a DIY weekend warrior or are simply cleaning the garage, Scott® Shop Towels and Scott® Rags are a must on your list of supplies. These towels are multi-purpose, ideal for automotive maintenance, and strong and durable enough for your toughest cleaning jobs.

Scott® Shop Towels Original™

Scott® Shop Towels Heavy Duty™

Scott® Shop Towels Glass™

Scott® Rags In A Box™

Featured Scott® Shop Towels

Scott® Shop Towels Original™
Scott® Shop Towels Original™ Multi-purpose towels designed for cleaning up grease, liquids, oils and spills in automotive repair shops and garages. These disposable towels are ultra-strong and, durable and absorb twice as much as the leading value- brand paper towel. They can be used for both wet and dry applications. And the convenient standard roll is portable, has perforated towels and fits on standard paper towel holders.
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0:05 – Scott® Shop Towels Original™ are ideal

0:07 – for a variety of automotive maintenance jobs.

0:12 – You need a product that can get the job done right the first time

0:15 – You need a true original

0:18 – Look at the difference between a rag and Scott® Shop Towels Original™ absorbing this spill.

0:21 – Tough enough to take on your automotive maintenance tasks,

0:24 – yet soft enough to clean your hands and face*

*Not for use on compromised skin or open wound.

0:27 – Disposable and portable – ideal for on-the-go cleaning


0:37 – From Scott®, one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Scott® Shop Towels Glass™

When you want your project to really shine, finish it with Scott® Shop Towels Glass™. Designed specifically for the automotive industry, these towels contain no binders or glues, giving you a low-lint, low-streaking solution to keep your windows, mirrors and chrome sparkling clean.

Scott® Shop Towels Heavy Duty™

A must-have tool when you have a tough task to tackle. Built for extreme uses, these towels are solvent-resistant and absorb oil and grease for heavy- duty cleaning and scrubbing. The durable HydroKnit® construction makes them 3X as strong as the Original Scott Shop Towels when wet. Use these towels on your most challenging tasks.

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0:01 – Scott® Shop Heavy Duty™ Towels. From Scott®, one of the world’s most trusted brands.

0:03 – Whether you’re cleaning a chassis or changing the oil

0:07 – Scott® Shop Heavy Duty™ Towels are a must-have-tool for messy DIY projects.

0:11 – Solvent-Resistant

0:15 – 3x stronger than Scott® Shop Original™ Towels

0:18 – With highly absorbent Hydroknit® technology to soak up oil and grease.

0:23 – And a generous sheet size to tackle big, heavy-duty tasks.

0:28 – Scott® Shop Heavy Duty™. Durable enough for the toughest jobs, from one of the world’s most trusted brands. Try Scott® Shop Heavy Duty™ Towels today!

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0:01 – STRONG AND DURABLE Multipurpose cleaning towels. Experience the difference.

0:14 – For home and automotive tasks

0:26 – Strong and durable – ideal for scrubbing

0:30 – Unique Hydroknit® Technology makes these towels durable enough for tough, heavy-duty tasks

0:34 – 7x stronger when wet*
*Compared to the leading value brand kitchen paper towels

0:43 – Try Scott® Rags In A Box™ today for your tough cleaning jobs!

0:47 – Scott® Rags In A Box™. From Scott®, one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Scott® Rags In A Box™

Scott® Rags In A Box™ are strong – wet or dry – for your most challenging cleaning tasks. Made with our unique Hydroknit® Technology, these disposable towels are 7X stronger when wet than the leading value- brand kitchen paper towel. When you have tough jobs to tackle, you can count on Scott® Rags In A Box™.

Small Business Solutions

Performance you can rely on. Brands you can trust. Surveys have found that well-known brands can make a difference in people’s perceptions of an environment. That’s why it’s so important to choose tested and trusted brands for your workplace.

0:05 – For tough scrubbing and cleaning jobs, you need a product that’s up to the task.

0:09 – I’m going to show you just how tough WypAll® wipers are by engaging in a little tug-of-war.

0:16 – Let’s have Carlos come in and help us with this demonstration.

0:20 – Carlos, thank you. I want you to grab a hold of that wet rag.

0:23 – I’m gonna grab the wet WypAll® X60 wiper, and I want you to pull as hard as you can.

0:34 – You’ll notice the WypAll® wiper’s not tearing.

0:37 – WypAll® wipers are perfect for tackling the biggest of jobs.

0:41 – Not only does the X60 absorb two times faster and two times more but also leaves three times less lint compared to rags.

WypAll® Wiping Solutions

0:03 – Health and wellness are crucial to business success, and employees and visitors judge your business’s health by the state of your restroom.

0:15 – Scott® Essential solutions offer unequaled reliability for locations that demand consistency, quality and value.

0:22 – This top-recommended bundle delivers reliable and efficient restroom solutions, featuring hassle-free dispensing and increased labor productivity, which helps you manage your bottom line.

0:35 – The bundle includes the Scott® Essential Hard Roll Towel System. It’s one of the easiest roll changes on the market and saves you up to seven days per year in labor costs.

0:45 – Next up, our Scott® Essential Coreless Jumbo Roll Tissue System.

0:51 – The two-ply 1,150-foot roll is longer than six standard bathroom tissue rolls.

0:57 – Or there’s our Scott® Essential Coreless Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue System.

01:01 – It offers proprietary cordless technology, guaranteed to save you a minimum of 10% annually.

01:09 – And finally, the

Scott® Essential Restroom Solutions

0:04 – For on-the-go scrubbing and cleaning jobs, you need to product that’s up to the task.

0:09 – We’re going to show you how portable, pre-saturated WypAll® Waterless Wipes remove stubborn dirt while being soft on your skin.

0:16 – So first I’m gonna take a Sharpie and draw a big W on the back of my hand.

0:26 – Now I’ll use the scrubby side to clean the back of my hand, then finish with the smooth side containing ingredients that moisturize the skin.

0:38 – As you can see, my hand is completely clean, and my skin feels great.

0:44 – Here’s another benefit. WypAll® Waterless Wipes are refillable, which means you don’t have to throw away your empty bucket when you need new wipes.

0:52 – Tough on grime, easy on your hands, and portable. That’s the WypAll® Waterless Wipes difference.

WypAll® Waterless Wipes for On-the-Go Solutions
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