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Motor Oil

Engine oils: synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral

Looking for engine oil for your vehicle? NAPA Auto Parts offers the widest selection of quality motor oils!

The primary use of motor oil is to ensure the constant lubrication of moving parts inside your engine. It limits friction between these parts, reducing heat production (loss of performance), and reducing premature wear of engine components.

Which motor oil should I choose?

One of the important elements to consider when buying motor oil is the viscosity index. You should see two sets of numbers on the oil can (example: 5W30, 15W40, 10W40, etc.). The first number always indicates the cold viscosity (the W meaning winter), and the second number is the hot viscosity.

The standards indicated will help you determine whether an oil is suited to your engine (gasoline, diesel), the oil’s level of performance, as well as whether or not the oil meets the recommendations of your car manufacturer. Check your car’s service manual to ensure that the chosen oil matches the one suggested by the manufacturer.

We know motor oils


NAPA motor OIL

NAPA offers a complete range of motor oils for all applications and vehicles. From conventional to synthetic oils, you can find the oil matching your vehicle’s specifications.

Doing frequent starts and stops or you want to ensure smooth starts during our cold winters? You can count on our synthetic oils to do the job.

Don’t forget to use a new oil filter on every oil change to maximize protection of your engine. If you use synthetic oil to extend your oil change interval, you should consider a high quality oil filter.


All the brands you trust are available at NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA stocks a wide range of motor oils and the brands you also trust: Valvoline, Shell, Pennzoil, Mobil 1, Quaker state and Castrol. We cover all vehicles on the market.

Have a European car? We stock oils that meet European cars or VW requirements like Liqui Moly or Royal Purple.

If you need information about your vehicle or need more details about a specific oil or lubricant for your auto, you can chat with an expert at your local NAPA Auto parts store.