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NAPA BodyPro: Full Line Of Professionnal Car Care Products

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The NAPA BodyPro car care line features professional grade products designed specifically for your car. For over 15 years, NAPA BodyPro has forged a solid industry reputation for offering products that get the job done without compromising on quality or convenience.

Whether it’s to clean, protect, or restore the shine on your vehicle, NAPA BodyPro offers a full line of powerful products for your car’s interior and exterior.



Car care is about looking after both the inside and the outside of your vehicle. NAPA BodyPro offers the full gamut of cleaning products to keep your car’s interior and exterior clean. Winter can leave stubborn traces behind, but salt, calcium, and other harmful deposits are easy to remove when you have the right products.

Follow these basic rules to get the best results: Start by thoroughly rinsing your car to remove any big chunks of salt or sediment, paying special attention to the rear tire wells. Next, wash your vehicle from top to bottom with a car shampoo. Don’t start at the bottom or back, as this is where most debris and dirt collects, and you could spread it to visible areas or scratch your paint job. Finally, rinse your car before drying it off with a rag or quality microfiber cloth to avoid streaks.



Now that your car or truck is clean, it’s time to decontaminate your paint job. Put a plastic bag over your hand and gently run your fingers over the paint. If you feel gritty or rough patches, your paint is contaminated.

In the winter, brake dust, salt, tree sap, and tar can adhere to your vehicle and become encrusted on the paint. Detailing clay removes these contaminants. Following the product instructions, wet the clay and the surface of your vehicle with clay lubricant, and then simply glide the clay over your car.

Once you’ve finished, you may see some minor streaks, light scratches, or even swirl marks, which call for specially designed products to remove. Deeper scratches will often require touch-up paint.



Polishing products

If your vehicle is a darker shade or has been lightly scratched, polish can restore its shine and depth of colour. Polish removes the thin layer of oxidation on tarnished paint and returns the paint to its original shine. Whether you are working by hand or using a polisher or other machine, there are plenty of products you can use to polish your vehicle and get it looking like new again.



Your car is clean and the paint is decontaminated and glossy. There are no traces of winter damage or dirt on the inside. All that’s left is to protect your vehicle’s paint job to speed up future washes and keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible! NAPA BodyPro offers a broad selection of car waxes and other products to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

From carnauba and polymer waxes to paint sealant, NAPA BodyPro carries a wide range of professional grade products that guarantee brilliant results. It also offers protectants for the inside of your car that will make any plastic, vinyl, or leather surface gleam.