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Car filters

Your car has at least 4 filters that over time require special attention: simple removal of dust, complete cleaning or change. Wear resulting from the simple use of your vehicle can negatively impact its performance. Discover the optimal time to change one or more of your car's filters.


When should I change my filter?

Cabin air filter

As its name suggests, this filter is designed to clean the air inside the cabin, protecting you from outside pollution, microscopic dust, allergens, and other undesirable particles. We advise you to change the cabin filter once a year.


Engine air filter

This filter is directly linked to the performance of your vehicle. A dirty air filter will cause power losses and higher fuel consumption. Depending on its capacity, your driving habits and the type of roads you take, your engine can absorb 200 to 500 m³ of air per hour. However, some signs are more obvious: slow or uneven acceleration, black smoke, or uneven slowdowns.


Oil filter

Your oil filter addresses impurities that are found inside the lubricating liquid. It is recommended to change your oil filter at each oil change, so as not to clog the new oil. The pore size of an oil filter affects the filter change intervals. The beta (β) ratio will allow you to measure the ability of a filter to stop particles of any given size. The choice of your oil filter is also dependent on the type of oil you use (synthetic, semi-synthetic, etc.).


Fuel filter

Moisture and dust are the enemies of your car’s injector. Even a tiny particle of dirt can cause damage, reducing performance and increasing fuel consumption. It is advisable to change the fuel filter every two years (or 40,000 km) for vehicles with electronic fuel injection unless your owner’s manual indicates a different schedule. The choice of the fuel filter must be made according to the type of injection of your vehicle, which will define its capacity to withstand the pressure (in bars), as well as the size of the particles to be filtered (in microns).