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Conventionnal and AGM batteries for cars and trucks

Find the perfect battery for your vehicle in a few clicks

When time comes from a new battery, you can count on NAPA batteries to get the perfect replacement for your car or truck.

Whatever your vehicle or driving style, we offer batteries matching your needs with enough CCA to start on a cold morning. From budget batteries to AGM technology units, all our batteries provide power for your car and reliability in all circumstances. With 600 stores in Canada, you get a battery and the warranty of the NAPA Auto Parts network.

Reserve your battery online and pick it up at a NAPA store near you!

NAPA The Legend AGM

NAPA Legend AGM batteries are equipped with absorbed glass mat. This technology gives you a higher energy capacity, which allows them to adapt to today’s vehicle.

Today’s vehicles have more electronic accessories that demand extra power. NAPA AGM batteries are specially designed to easily handle all these electronics and anything else that plugs in or turns on. Advanced AGM technology also delivers up to 20x the resistance to vibration and lightning-fast starts for a complete line of batteries equipped with powerful AGM technology.

Conventional batteries can be extremely overwhelmed by the demands of today’s vehicles – falling short of delivering critical dependability and performance even with a higher Cold Cranking rating. CCA’s or Cold Cranking Amps measure how much starting power a battery delivers for 30 seconds in colder temperatures. This only shows a limited view of real starting performance since most vehicles never need batteries to crank that long in any condition.


AGM power that not only starts the engine under ideal conditions, but also starts it under less than ideal conditions like:

  • Heavy power drains from electronics
  • Stop and start traffic conditions
  • Infrequent vehicle use

Premium glass mat separators in the AGM design enable a faster power flow throughout the battery above and beyond the separators in conventional batteries

The AGM technology optimizes the battery’s power delivery to quickly start the engine.

NAPA The Legend Batteries

The series of batteries “The Legend” meets all the needs of vehicles. With a diverse selection, these batteries satisfy the highest requirements. They are especially designed to meet European standards, to provide an exact OE battery fit. Depending on your needs, The Legend batteries will satisfy you. Indeed, you can opt for an AGM battery made of absorbed glass mat or for a lead-acid batteries. Our battery selector makes it very easy by selecting your Year, Make and Model.


Power Start batteries are maintenance-free designed for long life. Having a large capacity of energy, these batteries can provide the energy that is required for any accessories such as chargers, computers, etc. Its calcium design provides minimal water loss and a minimum gas release, ensuring a high-quality and maintenance-free battery. In addition, the Power Start batteries are shock and vibration resistant. Treat yourself with a superior starting power!