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Adaptive One Performance Disc Brake Pads

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Adaptive One® Performance Disc Brake Pads

Adaptive One performance brake pads are formulated for aggressive stopping power. The Red CleanCoat Technology provides better stopping power during break-in process as well as cleaner wheels. Get for your Mustang, Camaro, Subaru or Corvette high performance braking power.

  • Features

  • Premium Coated Shim
  • Red Cleancoat™ Technology
  • 100% Chamfered Slots
The Legend
  • Red Cleancoat™ Technology

  • CleanCoat™ technology for more effective stopping during the break-in process and cleaner wheels.
The Legend Premium
  • Rubberized Hardware

  • The advanced rubberized hardware included in 95+% of sales is designed specifically for the ADO brake pads to ensure exceptional operation for the life of the pad.
The Legend Premium AGM
  • Two Different Pad Formulations

  • Adaptive One Passenger Car combines the optimum quiet and low-dust characteristics of one-pad formulation with the extra braking power of the other pad for the consistent pedal feel, low-dust and no noise performance every driver wants.