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Adaptive One® Passenger Car brake pads

Adapted for your individual driving style

NAPA’s most advanced system

Adaptive One® brake pads offer the only aftermarket friction system with two different ceramic formulations that adapt to individual driving styles and deliver the pedal feel drivers want—whether the pads are hot or cold or the driver is aggressive or conservative. These exclusive formulations mate separately to the brake rotor, each performing to its maximum potential with the tightest tolerances allowable. The Adaptive One® Passenger Car brake pads are formulated for your everyday needs, giving you the confidence you need on the road.




Passenger brake pad application

The premium option for your passenger vehicle

Equip your Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Elantra, or Mazda 3 with the Adaptive One® Passenger Car brake pads.

Two different pad formulations for your passenger vehicle

Adaptive One Passenger Car brake pads combine the optimum quiet and low-dust characteristics of a one-pad formulation with the extra braking power of the other pad. This guarantees the consistent pedal feel, low-dust and no noise performance every driver wants.




Rubberized hardware

  • Rubberized hardware is included to ensure smooth operation for the lifetime of the pad.
  • Abutment clips are made of anti-corrosion treated steel and rubber coated to better resist salt and rust.

Gold Clean Coat™ Technology

CleanCoat™ technology provides more effective stopping during the break-in process and cleaner wheels. This results in low brake dust for cleaner rims.



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