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Steering and Suspension

Looking for steering and suspension parts? We have a solution for you

NAPA carries a wide range of replacement parts for your car’s suspension and steering components. From struts to ball joints, control arms or tie-rods, we offer all parts you need to restore your car’s original performance. Just select your vehicle make, model and year and get the list of parts that are matching your vehicle in a few clicks!

Steering parts and know how

Are you hearing a clunk while turning or you noticed a lack of stability while changing direction? Did you notice a leak on the power steering system or any abnormal noise while turning the wheels? This should be addressed by a quick inspection and a check for play or damaged boot on the tie rods and tie rod ends for example.

All cars now use power steering either using a hydraulic system or an electric powered assistance. Your car’s ability to steer safely and stay on track even on bumpy road is achieved through precise chassis adjustments such as a wheel alignment and these settings can be precise to the millimeter. A slight change in this configuration and your car or truck may behave differently.

So in order to make sure your car’s steering system is working as intended, you can count on quality parts and expertise at your local NAPA Auto parts store.


Every vehicle is different but worn suspension components have often the same consequence: poor handling on bumpy roads, longer braking distances, wear on your tires, and less stability while changing lane.

Your vehicle’s suspensions are a precise assembly of elements working together for your safety. Suspension systems are more than coil springs and hydraulic, such as found on the MacPherson struts. It is a combination of shock absorbers, coil springs, ball joints, control arms and sway bar (including sway bar links) that provides rigidity and stability of the whole chassis.

Potholes and kilometers are hard on your suspension but you can count on quality parts and NAPA Auto parts know how to make the right choice.