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Work and mechanics gloves

Disposable gloves: latex or nitrile?

When performing oil changes or any other small maintenance job on your vehicle, it is recommended that you wear disposable gloves. Safe and inexpensive, they are always useful to have on hand, especially if you are handling chemical products.

NAPA offers a wide selection of latex and nitrile gloves. What's the difference?

  • Latex gloves are made from natural rubber and provide unmatched comfort and flexibility for excellent dexterity. They can, however, trigger symptoms in people with allergies.
  • Made from synthetic polymers, nitrile gloves are nonallergenic, making them a great option for anyone worried about having an allergic reaction. In addition to providing the same level of dexterity as latex, nitrile is more resistant to chemical products, particularly those made from petroleum. All in all, they're ideal for working under the hood.

We recommend choosing gloves in bright or dark colours—especially when working with dangerous products—to make it easy to spot tears.

Brands such as Ansell and Challenger are at the cutting edge of the industry, developing technologies that enhance performance as well as the comfort, safety, and experience of users.


Work Gloves

Extra tough and designed to protect hands from knocks, cuts, burns, and abrasions, work gloves are a handyman's best friend. Great for semi-industrial applications, they are perfectly suited to heavy-duty work as well as handling concrete, stone, or any other construction material.

  • Leather gloves: These gloves offer excellent dexterity and full protection for all jobs. At NAPA, you'll find both premium leather and split leather gloves, including gloves designed with reinforced palms. For the smoothest texture and maximum water resistance, look for gloves made from full-grain cowhide leather.
  • Dipped and coated gloves: These synthetic gloves have been dipped twice in a durable material such as nitrile, latex, or PVC. This process reinforces the gloves' waterproof and abrasion-resistant properties while improving grip and durability.
  • Driver gloves: Who says work and style can't go hand in hand? NAPA offers full-grain cowhide leather driver gloves that are not only comfortable but also oil- and water-resistant.
  • Winter gloves: When working in winter, it's important to use gloves lined with proper insulation. NAPA carries a collection of gloves lined with 100 g 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep your hands nice and warm.

Mechanics' gloves

Designed for working on cars, mechanics' gloves are made with specific technical features that provide maximum protection without hampering movement. Mechanix Wear is the ideal brand for automotive work. Crafted with fleece lining, padded palms, and industrial-grade closures, Mechanix Wear products fit like a glove and rank among the best on the market. To top it all off, you can even use them with your touch screen!