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NAPA Auto Parts is Canada's destination for car, truck, and SUV paint and body products.

Your car's maintenance involves more than taking care of its mechanical and electrical parts. It also involves keeping the exterior of the vehicle in good shape. Whether your car has been scratched or dented or just requires a touch-up paint job, taking care of its exterior surfaces correctly is crucial. Auto paint comes in all shades, colours, and finishes to add personality to your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a matte, metallic, solid, or pearl finish, you'll find all kinds of options at NAPA Auto Parts. We also offer an extensive selection of polishers, primers, equipment, and hand tools from the best brands and product lines for all your maintenance and repair needs.

  • NAPA BodyPro- Our own NAPA BodyPro collection stocks all the high-quality paint and body products you need for an impeccable paint job.
  • 3M - 3M's comprehensive product range includes top-quality car painting equipment and a collection of adhesives and body repair equipment.
  • Bondo - When it comes to body repair, Bondo has been the go-to body filler brand for over 60 years, helping customers tackle the toughest restorations.
  • Dominion Sure Seal - Repair, refinish, and protect with Dominion Sure Seal. From paints to primers, tapes to coatings, you can find everything you need for a complete paint and body job.
  • Evercoat - Whether you're looking for primers and clear coats or filler and fibres for dents and scratches, Evercoat has it all.
  • Dupli-Color - Dupli-Color's extensive selection of paint colours ensures you will have the perfect shade, finish, and shine for your vehicle.
  • SprayMax - When you need a basecoat, clear coat, or epoxy primer, SprayMax has all the spray cans you need for an easy and efficient job.


Painting your car at home can be a cost-effective way to give your car an upgrade. However, you must prepare your vehicle properly to achieve the desired outcome. Getting a flawless finish requires high-quality products, which you can find at NAPA Auto Parts. Follow these steps to achieve a perfect paint job.

  1. Preparation - Prepping your car for a paint job is essential to achieving a smooth finish. Begin by cleaning your car with a good automotive soap to start with a fresh surface. Harsh substances such as tree sap are often difficult to remove from your vehicle without damaging the paint, so consider adding a tree sap remover to your cleaning product collection. If you are doing a complete paint job, a paint stripper will help remove several layers of paint at a time. Next, mask your car with masking paper and masking tape- this will prevent overspray and ensure you only paint where intended. Clean and organize your workspace and ensure you have the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment), such as face shields and respirators, to keep you safe.
  2. Sanding and body work - Body repair such as dent repair, rust repair, and body filling is necessary to achieve a smooth paint finish. Failing to effectively prep your car can lead to an orange peel surface or a messy paint job. Dents can be repaired with a hammer and body dolly to reshape the vehicle exterior, or by dent pulling with a suction cup. Scratches, paint chips, and rock chips may seem minor, but they must be repaired using body filler before you apply other products to your car. Once these imperfections have been repaired, you must sand down rough areas using sandpaper, an electric sander, or a sanding block. This will remove paint and clear coat that were already on your car to ensure a fully clean surface.
  3. Primer and painting - Primer ensures proper adhesion of the paint by creating a smooth and even base. It prevents moisture from reaching the metal surface and damaging your vehicle's exterior. Once you reach this step, you must identify your car paint code to find the exact shade of your vehicle's make and model. You can now select your desired paint and begin applying thin layers until your desired colour is achieved. Using spray paint is an easy way to do this- a spray can or spray gun facilitates an even application of layers. Keep your car in a well-ventilated and clean area while it dries. You must also apply a clear coat to protect your paint layers from UV rays and other contaminants.
  4. Curing and finishing touches - Cure time is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your paint job. You must ensure that the paint is completely dry and free from any moisture before driving your car. To achieve a professional finish, you'll want to polish and buff your vehicle as a final step. Using a polisher or polishing cloth enhances the shine and luster of your paint job, removing imperfections and leaving you with a flawless surface.


Every vehicle has a unique car colour that is identifiable by a car paint code. This code is typically a combination of three to six letters and/or numbers that are unique to your vehicle's make and model. This information is usually found on a sticker inside the driver-side door jamb or in your owner's manual. Once you have the code, you can head to your nearest NAPA CMAX store and get your car's exact shade of paint mixed by one of our experts. Our stores guarantee a perfect colour match every time.


Repairing your car body requires high-quality tools and equipment. To do body shop work safely, flawlessly, and efficiently, get your supplies at NAPA Auto Parts, where you'll find everything you need.

  • Body repair and body prep - Essential body repair and prep equipment likebody filler, sanding tools, and a high-quality primer are the foundation of a successful exterior revamp. If your vehicle has sustained major damage, welding and grinding might also be necessary. Other service tools for body repair include hammers for dent repair, chisels, andpunches.
  • Shop equipment - Keeping your paint and body shop fully equipped makes it convenient and stress-free to work in. NAPA Auto Parts has all the tools and equipment you need, such as air compressors for your air tools, PPE to keep you safe, and cleaning supplies so you can always keep your shop spotless. Cleaning supplies such as degreasers, tack rags, and paint strippers keep you safe and your workspace tidy.
  • Spray equipment - Spray painting is the most convenient way to paint your car. However, to achieve a perfect finish, you must be equipped with a top-quality spray gun and accessories. Having the correct spray gun valves, cups, and adapters is crucial to getting a car paint job done right.