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Having the right shop tools to perform auto repairs can be a real time and money saver. You can avoid purchasing several expensive power tools by equipping your garage with service tool kits. There is a lot of basic maintenance work that you can do at home if you have the right tools. Although you may need to take your car to a professional repair shop - such as our NAPA AUTOPRO service centres ¿ for more complex matters, understanding the role and function of maintenance and repair tools will give you control over your vehicle's upkeep.

There are some must-have service tools.

  • Pullers and drivers - Apuller is a versatile hand tool used to easily remove gears, bearings, pulleys, and other press-fitted components. Adriver provides force to insert or remove screws, bolts, or fasteners effortlessly.
  • Clamps - Clamps are available in various shapes and sizes, and are used to hold materials in place while cutting, welding, or gluing. A C-Clamp Vise Grip is commonly used when working on brakes to properly compress brake calipers, so the brake pad makes proper contact with the rotor. A set ofhose pinch off pliers is used to squeeze a hose shut and prevent fluid leaks.
  • Steering and suspension tools - A ball joint press tool is used to remove ball joints from a control arm. Another tool used in suspension work is thetie rod tool - this is a one-piece cast or U-shaped tool that locks over the steering arm, so that the centre stud is threaded in to push out the old tie rod. 
  • Brake tools - An essential brake tool is thebrake caliper piston tool, which allows the retraction of caliper pistons when replacing brake pads. A brake caliper tool prevents damage to the pistons during pad installation.
  • Trim removal tools - These tools are used to pop out plastic trim, clips, moulding, and other fixtures from your vehicle, such as door panels, handles, and dashboards.
  • Grinder tools - Grinding wheels are abrasive wheels used for cutting through metal parts. There are several types of grinding wheels, including straightand angle grinders that are used for various cutting applications.
  • Soldering tools - Soldering is a process that uses a melted metal alloy to join two components together. The most important tool to have is asoldering iron and you can purchase individualsoldering iron tips in different shapes and sizes for a range of projects.
  • Other tools - There are a range of other tools you may need, depending on the task at hand. Measuring tools like calipers , timing tools like atiming gear holder and other tools like transfer pumps will all facilitate your automotive work.

When looking for the best car service equipment in Canada, NAPA Auto Parts is the place to go. We sell high-quality parts from top automotive brands like Milwaukee and DeWalt, guaranteeing that you'll find what you need.


It is important to understand the function of the different service tools in order to select the right one for the job. For example, when removing brake pads, choosing between different brake pad tools-such as a brake caliper tool set and a C-clamp is-crucial. When removing brake pads, you need to push back the brake caliper piston. For floating or sliding calipers, you need to remove the caliper to push the brake piston back. This will require a largeC-clamp, and you will then push on the inboard pad. If your rear calipers have an integrated hand-operated parking brake, they will not push in. You will need to use a caliper tool

Additionally, some service tool kits can serve as alternatives to expensive shop equipment and can save you a lot of money. Bearing pullers,jaw pullers , and wheel hub pullers allow you to remove and install wheel hubs and bearing assemblies without a hammer or hydraulic press, which are more expensive alternatives and not as safe. These tools are durable and inexpensive, making them a reliable option for many purposes

Another service tool that saves you money is the ball joint puller, which is used to separate ball joints from control arms by applying pressure to break the joint's connection without damaging other components. This can also be done with an impact wrench that removes the nut and bolt¿but an impact wrench is much more expensive than a ball joint removal tool. When it comes to extensive brake work, a few service tools such as a brake drum adjuster kit, a brake drum puller and brake bleeder screws wrenches are sufficient for most of the work you will need to do. You may not even need a power or vacuum bleeder.