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Vehicle Filters

Part Types

Your car has at least four types of filters, which will require specific maintenance over time, whether that's a simple dusting or a complete cleaning or change. Wear due to nothing more than daily use can negatively impact your vehicle's performance.

Your oil filter targets impurities that are found inside the engine oil. It is recommended that you change your oil filter at each oil change to protect your engine from premature wear.

The cabin air filter cleans the air that enters the vehicle from the outside world. Keeping things like pollen, dust, bugs, and small debris from entering the cabin is a task that is often taken for granted. Changing the cabin air filter at least once a year helps ensure better air quality for all passengers. A dirty cabin air filter can even prevent the heating and air conditioning system from functioning properly.

The engine air filter is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the inside of the engine from harmful airborne contaminants, such as dust, dirt, pollen, bugs, and other small debris. A clogged air filter chokes the engine, slowing down air flow and raising the risk of reduced power.

The fuel filter performs one of the most important jobs on a vehicle: maintaining a clean supply of fuel to the engine. Dirt, dust, and rust can find their way into the fuel tank, and it is the fuel filter's job to strain these contaminants from the fuel supplying the engine.

The hydraulic filter is a vital component of a vehicle's hydraulic system. The service life of high pressure pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, and more depends on being supplied with clean hydraulic fluid. Changing out the hydraulic filter should be a part of any equipment maintenance program.