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Trailer and Towing

Your one-stop-shop for trailer and towing.

When it comes to towing, NAPA can help you. We stock everything you need so you can securely tow what you need with your car or truck.

From hitches to winches, and from straps to even trailers or connectors, you will find everything you need to secure your load.

You can find all our towing products online or can contact one pf our 600 stores in Canada to get know how and advices about our towing products.


With the purchase of a trailer, you will need to equip yourself with accessories. Indeed, you need electrical connectors, straps, or even bungees ties. Electrical connectors for trailers allow the transfer of power for the lighting as well as auxiliary functions. There are various connectors available starting with 4-way connectors to 7-way connectors. Depending on your vehicle, you can choose the right electrical connector. It is also important to secure all loads on your trailer. To do so, you can equip yourself with straps and bungees. They come in various lengths and weight, which determine the amount of resistance. Also, they are perfectly useful for tying all your furniture. Bungees are more flexible which acts as a shock absorber when you are driving.


In order to attach a trailer to your car, you need accessories such as hitches or trailer balls. You must take into account your vehicle towing capacity while making sure to select a hitch with a weight rating greater than the loaded weight. With this in mind, you can choose between our variety of car and truck hitches. Enter your vehicle model, brand and year, and we will filter the products that are adapted to it. We offer different dimensions as well as different weight capacity, again, depending on your needs. In regards to trailer balls, they are designed to provide excellent towing capacity. You can choose between different materials and diameter as well as different working loads.


Loading ramps are indispensable if you need to load or unload something heavy from your trailer. They are ideal to pack a snowmobile, a golf-cart, and other utility vehicles. Most of the time, loading ramps are easily dismantled and can be efficiently stored. With their foldable design, they can even fit in the trunk of your car. We offer pair of ramps plates that can be used alone or together depending on what you might load in your trailer and/or truck. There is also wider ramp kit which does not require any adjustment to fit the wheels width.