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Sylvania automotive halogen, xenon or LED bulbs

How can you see better at night?

What replacement bulb you should choose for your car

Lighting is essential to vehicle safety. Brighter lights and improved clarity can help you see obstacles and avoid accidents. Three parameters are important to check for on headlight packaging:

  • Brightness. A brighter bulb does not mean it increases glare. Brighter bulbs do not blind oncoming traffic—they just help the driver see farther down the road.
  • Colour temperature or whiteness. The whiter a light is, the more contrast and clarity it delivers. Unlike yellow lights, white ones allow you to distinguish actual colours.
  • Clarity. Clarity helps you see objects better when driving at night and is the result of both a brighter and whiter light.

Even if your headlights are still working, they’re probably less bright than when you purchased them because all headlights dim over time. Have you ever noticed how much brighter your living room is after you replace a light bulb? Think about the difference new headlight bulbs could make in your ability to see when driving at night! And you should always replace bulbs in pairs—both headlights are on for the same amount of time, so they experience the same wear and tear.

SYLVANIA headlights are simple and easy to change. You will find many vehicle-specific, step-by-step videos at for changing headlights, brake lights, and many other lights on vehicles.

SYLVANIA is the leader in headlamps and LEDs for automotive. Below is the SYLVANIA headlights range, a wide selection of halogen, incandescent, LED, or HID-style bulbs. To find your bulb, you don’t need to know if it’s an h11, h4, or h7 type: just enter your vehicle information, and we'll find the right bulb for your car or truck.

As you go up in price, the performance improves. With value-added headlights, you’ll be able to SEE the difference immediately. You’ll be able to see farther down the road so you can react sooner and feel safer.


Sylvania SilverStar, for enhanced vision

If you want to be able to see obstacles sooner and better at night, you might need to upgrade your basic headlights. Then you can see objects on the road sooner and more clearly. SilverStar halogen light bulbs offer brighter and whiter light for better down-the-road performance and improved clarity. If you want to improve your safety without spending a fortune on your car, these light bulbs are the perfect fit.


SilverStar ULTRA bulbs, the ultimate in safety

SilverStar ULTRA is the top safety choice. These bulbs offer the farthest down-the-road performance with whiter light for improved clarity. The blue coating on the bulb creates a whiter light and is not the “blue light” seen on some vehicles. The “blue light” is either from HID/Xenon or LED, which are both different technologies. SYLVANIA recommends those lamps for people who frequently drive on highways where there may be wildlife crossing the road.


SilverStar zXe, seeing with style

SilverStar zXe delivers a much whiter light, similar to the look of HID, for a superior style. SilverStar zXe is a Xenon-fuelled halogen bulb known to be one of the whitest legal bulbs on the market. The white colour temperature gives cars the look of HID/Xenon headlights. As with all our products, SilverStar zXe will not increase glare or blind oncoming traffic when installed correctly. These bulbs fit vehicles with conventional halogen headlight assembly.


Thinking about switching to LED bulbs?

For interior, brake lights, or any exterior lamp, we’ve got them all!

Seeing better is a good thing, but what about other drivers? LEDs actually help other drivers see a car’s signal lighting. Whiter light in particular is great for improving clarity for backup lights, visibility in the interior, and both style and safety for daytime running lights.

LED bulbs light up faster than incandescent bulbs. At highway speeds, LED brake lights will give you an increased cushion of about 18 feet, since the driver behind you will be able to see your LED brake light sooner and react accordingly. These bulbs may cost more than regular lights, but they last longer, for better value.

For brakes, licence plate, reverse, side marker, tail, or turn signals, or for cargo, dome, door, trunk, or even glove compartment, each location needs a different kind of bulb. It’s important to choose the right LED colour bulb for each location on your vehicle. A red LED bulb is for use behind a red lens, an amber LED is for use behind an amber lens, and a white LED is for use behind a clear lens. For interior lights, a brighter and whiter LED will help you see better inside. You can also customize your mood by choosing other colours.

How do I install LEDs? Are they compatible with my car? SYLVANIA couldn’t make it any easier: all its LEDs are sold with a socket for your vehicle, even if it was originally designed for halogen bulbs. The bulb warning light might illuminate, or you might notice a fast blinking light after a new LED bulb has been installed. If that’s the case, you will need a load equalizer/resistor when installing LED bulbs for turn signals, like a large majority of vehicles on the road. Load equalizers need to be the right size for the bulb, properly located for heat management, and attached to a metal surface to help dissipate heat.