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Armor All

Armor All. Clean, Shine & Protect. Anytime. Anywhere.

For over 50 years, Armor All provides detailing products and innovates to make car care easier. The Armor All range presents cleaning products for all parts of your car. From interior vinyl to rims through the bodywork.

At NAPA Auto Parts, we offer all the cleaners, waxes, protectants and other small accessories to maintain protect and keep your car looking as new. Affordable and easy to use, it’s a must-have for everyone!

Car Wash and Wax products

Brake dust, filmy residue and many road grimes can be very harmful for your car body; it’s fading the whole car. Due to our tough winter, it really matters to care and protect your car if you want to avoid rust and damages more expensive to repair. Car washers are often a dramatic experience for paint, because of micro-dust and dirt incrusted on roller fibers which are damaging the coating. Then in order to save time and money, sometimes it’s better to do it yourself.

Nothing can resist to Armor All cleaners. These products contain clean-rinsing formula for spot-free and streak-free results. They won’t strip wax contrary to some dish soaps. You can chose an all-in-1 cleaner or more specific products , for glasses or for removing bugs, tar and other tough grime. Armor All offers a solution for every kind of dirt, so let’s pick the one that’s right for your car. For a perfect finish, shop here wax products. In paste or in spray, detailers will protect your painting of all the road dirt and will prolong the clean-as-new-look of your car.

Armor All products for cleaning tires and wheels

If you want your tires to last, you need to take care of it.

Tires, if you want it to last, you have to maintain them.

In addition to cleaning products that take off the grime in minutes. To extend their life, Armor All has developed foams that treat, nourish and protect the tire from all elements that cause cracking and tarnishing. These products preserve the intense blackness of the tires, for a new and clean appearance.

Rims are often a good indicator of the level of cleanliness of a car. Dust from brakes, tar, grease and other stubborn dirt lodge there and are difficult to remove.

Armor All designs highly efficient cleaning sprays to clean the wheels. Applicable to alloy, steel, chrome or plastic, they are very easy to use. For a more durable result, apply a protector is a good solution, so you can keep clean and bright rims for several weeks.

Clean and restore your car interior with Armor All

Taking care of your car interior is simple as soon as you get the right product for the right task. To strip and refurbish your carpets, a good cleaner must penetrate deep into the fibers and dislodges all the dirt: mud, motor oil and any stain are dissolved in minutes.

If you have leather interior, Armor All has also thought of you. For those in a hurry, a leather care 3 in 1, which will clean, feed and protect your leather goods in no time. A leather gel can also protect the leather against UV and prevent drying, cracking and discoloration of your seats. To dust off and detach the other surfaces of the cabin an all-purpose cleaner will do just fine. To protect and revitalize vinyl, rubber and plastics, use a protector that will combat the premature aging of your dashboard leaving a delicate scent in your cabin.

Need an advice to restore your car interior? Check our 7 quick tips for a perfect cleaning!

Quick refreshing , Armor All wipes

No water? No time? No problem. To clean and protect your car from small imperfections every day, Armor All has a practical solution as well.

Check a whole range of wipes, ideal for last minute touch ups. For example, you may need cleaning and protectant wipes to remove quickly the dust from your dashboard. Armor All also offers quick waxing wipes for a matte or glossy finish, small cleaning sponges sold individually, or air fresheners vent clips.

Many small sizes to put in all gloves boxes!