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Automotive Chemicals, cleaners, degreasers and additives

Simplify the job with the right cleaner, degreaser or additive.

In order to preserve your vehicle, you should take into consideration the purchase of chemicals. You are in luck, we offer a variety of easy to use products so you can improve the durability of your vehicle. With time, your car can accumulate dirt, grease or even oil on certain parts. With car parts cleaners and degreasers, you can help prolonging the life of many parts such as brakes or the throttle body. Also, lubricants and greases can fix all sorts of problems like reducing friction and protecting against rust and corrosion. Furthermore, you can get fuel additives to improve the performance of your vehicle while improving the quality of your gas or diesel.



Pamper your car using cleaners and degreasers. We are used to clean the outside of our car, but we often forget to take care of the most important, the inside. We have a wide selection of products such as brake cleaners, throttle body cleaners, engine degreasers, etc. To increase your braking performance while prolonging their lifetime, you should buy a brake cleaner. Also, cleaning your throttle body is important. You need to keep this part clean if you don’t want your engine to have roughly idle. While you are at it, why not pursue your cleaning with a mass air flow cleaners or even an engine degreaser. With an easy application, all those products allow you to rapidly remove grease, oil and dirt, while lubricating all moving parts.



Lubricants and greases are an important part in maintaining your car in good shape. We offer a wide range such as lithium greases, high temperature greases, silicone lubricants, and more. Depending on your needs, we have what you are looking for. When there is metal-to-metal friction, we suggest buying a lithium grease. It can help reduce friction while protecting against rust and corrosion. If you need something more specific, we offer high temperature greases. It provides an excellent shock load protection while performing in a wide temperature range. The silicone lubricants can be used in a wide range of situations. You can use them if you need to lubricate metal, rubber, wood, etc. All of our lubricants and greases provide a superior lubrication and performance.



For multiple reasons, fuel and oil may need a little extra care. We offer fuel additives, cleaners and stabilizers to help your vehicle improve its performance. When adding gas or diesel additives, you can improve the quality of your fuel and your performance by fighting the accumulation of harmful gum and varnish deposits. Those additives also allow you to maximize fuel economy and improve cold start during winter. Fuel cleaners for their part, can help clean an entire fuel system in one treatment. With this product, you can restore lost power and acceleration due to deposits in the fuel system. Furthermore, fuel and oil stabilizers prevent fuel from degrading during long periods of storage.