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Seafoam motor treatment and intake cleaners

Sea Foam: a brand who cleans and protects your engine and your car

Sea Foam products are widely known for their efficiency and ease of use. They are applicable to all types of vehicles, whether sedans, SUVs, trucks, or any other recreational vehicle. Whether it's cleaning the engine, lubricating its cylinders, stabilizing fuel or fighting corrosion, the Sea Foam products are ideal for maintaining the performance and long life of your car.

Motor Treatment

Restore your motor performance quickly with the Sea Foam Motor Treatment. This product is well-known for its efficiency. Compatible with gasoline, diesel, ethanol, 2 or 4-strokes engines, it's a multi-functional chemical. It can be used directly as an additive in your crankcase as a motor oil additive but also on your admission system. It does a deep clean of your fuel systems, unclog your injectors, stabilize fuel, oil and remove gum and carbon deposits. This is a no brainer for the do-it-yourselfer that wants to main its engine in good shape for a long time.

SEA FOAM SPRAY – Top engine and intake systems cleaner

Sea Foam Spray was designed to clean engine areas that traditional cleaners cannot reach. Using a specific formulation, it is compatible with all types of gasoline engines, including Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI). Sea Foam Spray works to safely and easily clean petroleum residues and deposits from air intake systems, intake valves, pistons and combustion chambers. If your car still runs with a carburetor, Sea Foam Spray is also perfect to clean carburetor throats!


Made from highly refined petroleum oils it resists heat and evaporation, protects from corrosion and moisture, lubricates and penetrates deep into metal parts and mechanisms.

For long-term engine protection and storage, exceptional when sprayed directly into engine cylinders – Excellent for cleaning throttle plates and bushings! Excellent for safely dissolving road tar from auto surfaces!


When added to Transmissions, helps to smooth rough and erratic shifting caused by gum and varnish build up. In Hydraulics, controls moisture in fluid and cleans varnish residues from hydraulic valves. Use as a pre-flush and flush treatment in Power Steering and Transmission fluid systems.

BUGS-BE-GONE : Multi use cleaner

Quickly and easily remove insects and insect residues from auto surfaces! Removes organic residues, droppings, brake dust, road grime and more – Safely cleans painted surfaces, metals and alloys, windshields, headlights, chrome, plastic moldings and more!