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NAPA Proformer™ Brake Calipers

A Reliable Choice for Your Vehicle's Braking System

Replace Brake Calipers at a Low Cost

Consider NAPA Proformer Brake Calipers for a strong and durable brake caliper replacement option. These calipers have a special coating to prevent rust and corrosion, making sure they last in tough driving conditions while maintaining excellent braking performance. Carefully rebuilt to meet or go beyond original manufacturer standards and thoroughly checked for function and durability, NAPA Proformer Brake Calipers are a great answer to your old and worn-out brake caliper issues at an affordable price. However, if you’re looking for even better reliability and peace of mind, think about investing in NAPA Adaptive One™ Brake Calipers.

Features & Benefits

Quality Remanufactured Brake Calipers

NAPA Proformer brake calipers are remanufactured to meet OE specifications and quality requirements for proper operation, ensuring safety and performance. The front brake calipers and rear brake calipers are designed with several key features, such as:
  • An anti-corrosion solution coating for superior protection and longevity, which keeps both the front and rear brake calipers in optimal condition.
  • All threaded ports and bolt holes on calipers and brackets are chased to restore the threads, and guide pin holes are cleaned. This reduces the chances of galling or cross-threading, allowing the brake caliper sliding pins to function smoothly.
  • The brake caliper pistons are carefully inspected and replaced if necessary to ensure optimal performance.
  • Hydraulic connections are knurled to ensure a tight seal between the brake line and the caliper body, eliminating leaks and enhancing the performance of the brake caliper piston.
  • Pre-assembled using synthetic lubricant formulated exclusively for these calipers, which helps to maintain the smooth operation of the brake caliper sliding pins
  • A perfect fit that end users expect from safety-critical parts, ensuring that the front brake calipers and rear brake calipers align seamlessly with your vehicle’s braking system.

Easy to Replace Brake Calipers

NAPA Proformer brake calipers come semi-loaded and ready to install with:
  • Brake caliper mounting brackets, cable guides, levers, return springs, and brake pad and rotor hardware (where applicable), all designed to meet torque specifications for a secure and accurate fit.
  • New bleeder valves with caps and banjo bolts are pre-installed to prevent galling, adhering to the correct torque specifications.
  • Silicone dust boots with high temperature capability for increased service life and 100% pressure tested.
  • A brake caliper tool is often needed during installation to ensure the calipers are correctly positioned and aligned.
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