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Adaptive One™ Brake Calipers

Premium Front and Rear Replacement Brake Calipers

The Highest Quality Replacement Brake Caliper

Brake calipers play a crucial role in ensuring your vehicle’s safety and performance. As part of the disc brake system, they apply pressure to the brake pads, which then press against the brake rotors to slow down or stop your vehicle. Over time, calipers can wear out or become damaged, which can lead to several problems and safety concerns. If you notice brake fluid leaks, sticking calipers, worn or damaged caliper pistons, or uneven brake pad wear it may be time to replace your brake caliper.

Upgrading to coated brake calipers can offer several benefits. Coatings such as powder coating, high-temperature paint, anodizing, or electroplating can improve corrosion resistance, heat tolerance, and the overall appearance of your vehicle. By investing in coated calipers, you can prolong their service life, reduce maintenance costs, and even enhance your car’s visual appeal. At NAPA, we are serious about producing the highest quality brake calipers that fit and function like an OE unit.

Features & Benefits

Built Better

Every Adaptive One brake caliper is remanufactured under the highest quality standards to meet or exceed the specifications required by the original design and tested both before and after the assembly process for leaks, free moving pistons, and smooth bracket sliding.
  • High Quality Piston Seals – meeting all ASTM and SAE requirements, and are tested in 3rd-party labs, and in cold chambers down to -40°C, to confirm performance
  • Improved Cast Iron Housings – completely reconditioned inlet surface free from knicks, dents, or other visually recognizable issues.

Easy to Install

Adaptive One brake calipers are direct replacement calipers designed to be a direct fit for your vehicle’s braking system, replicating the specifications and performance of the original calipers that came with your car from the factory. Adaptive One brake calipers meet or exceed the standards set by the vehicle manufacturer, ensuring proper fitment, functionality, and compatibility with the rest of the braking system components.

Every brake caliper rebuild comes complete with a banjo bolt and new copper crush washers, a bleeder screw, slide pin boots or bushings, and high-temperature synthetic grease (where applicable).

Be sure to follow the repair information for your specific application and use the appropriate brake caliper tool set.

Adaptive One® E-coat Technology

“E-coat” is an electrodeposition coating applied to brake calipers via an automated submersion process. NAPA’s Adaptive One® E-coating offers many advantages over the competing caliper’s traditional electrostatic, zinc or powder coat processes.
  • Bonds with both aluminum and cast iron and provides protection again corrosion and oxidation for both the caliper core and caliper bracket.
  • Helps prevent a seized brake caliper, a sticking piston, and frozen slide pins.
  • Resists natural and synthetic brake fluids.
  • Passes a 96-hour continuous salt spray quality test.
  • Environmentally friendly, heavy metal-free, and OSHA and EPA compliant.
Adaptive One brake calipers provide a solution to your corroded and worn brake caliper problem whilst ensuring they can withstand harsh driving conditions and maintain optimal braking performance.

OE Paint Matched Brake Calipers

To help meet the aftermarket demand for replacements, NAPA’s Adaptive One brake calipers are now available in colors that are an exact match to the original so customers can brake with style. Best of all, there is no need to special order. If the OE caliper is colored, the Adaptive One replacement brake caliper will be colored as well!
  • Over 450 SKUs
  • Available in 10 OE colors
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