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chargeur de batterie 6/12V 2/10/20A Carlyle

chargeur de batterie 6/12V 2/10/20A Carlyle

No de pièce: CLO CBC612V20A
Ligne: Clore Automotive

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Work smarter, not harder. The CBC612V20A, 20/10/2A 6/12V Intelligent Battery Charger and Maintainer from Carlyle, puts a brainy buddy at your side for safe, efficient battery charging, repair and maintenance. This versatile unit can save you space, money and time. Rather than purchasing, storing and reaching for multiple units, you can accomplish a variety of chores with this multitasking machine. It will work with batteries from smaller machines like motorcycles, jet skis and lawn tractors to larger equipment like cars, trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment. It’s a one-stop shop for battery and vehicle maintenance.

Combining fully automatic operation and the ability to properly charge multiple battery types, the CBC612V20A is the perfect charger to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s professional technician. It is intelligent, beneficial, safe and versatile. One charger does it all, from fast charging and battery repair to battery maintenance and long-term storage charging. You can use the PL2320 to charge flooded, AGM, spiral wound, gel cell batteries, marine and deep cycle batteries. Like all Carlyle chargers, it features a forced start mode that enables it to effectively charge even totally dead batteries.

The increased use of electronic components in vehicles these days means chargers have to be precise as well as strong. For today’s shop, there is a very real need for an up-to-date charger capable of supplying the clean power needed to perform a wide variety of diagnosis, repair and maintenance applications. The CBC612V20A is an ideal charger/power supply for such situations.

It utilizes advanced microprocessor technology to deliver a precise power delivery in a very tight voltage window. This is exactly what the system wants when the charger is supplying power to maintain battery voltage during an on-vehicle repair or diagnosis of an electrical system component. The CBC612V20A is an ideal tool for maintaining system voltage and avoiding battery drains during key-on ADAS recalibrations.

Besides fast-charging, this unit is ideal for long term charging of batteries in stored vehicles. It also has a recondition mode to rejuvenate batteries with sulfation problems.


Marque Carlyle
VMRS Code 153007000
SDS requis Non

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