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Starters and Alternators

Looking for an alternator or a starter? We got you covered.

We offer replacement alternators and starters for almost all cars and trucks sold in Canada. Get your truck or your car back on the road with quality parts. Select your vehicle details and find the alternator or starter that fits your vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Our starters and alternators match OE requirements for a trouble-free replacement.

With more than 500,000 quality parts, products and accessories available online, you can trust NAPA Auto Part to keep your car running longer and stronger.

What are the functions of a starter?

A car starter is a little motor of its own. Both starters and solenoids are part of the vehicle starting system. Their role is to start the engine. It does so by engaging the flywheel and turning the gear, thus making the engine start as soon as the driver turns his keys to the right position. This action is made possible by the starter’s solenoid. The solenoid is an electric relay that sends the power from the battery to the starter. The battery must have sufficient capacity of energy to start the whole process.

Though simple, it requires precise electrical components so the starter is able to operate in hot summer or on a winter morning for many years to come.

When is it time for a new starter?

There is probably something wrong with your starter if the only thing you ear while turning your car key in the ignition is a clicking noise.

NAPA Auto Parts carries every starter parts you may need in order to get your car in working order again with quality parts.

What are the functions of an alternator?

Your car’s electrical system is an essential part of your vehicle power train. It’s simple, without an alternator, the battery would not be able to provide the energy needed by a vehicle. An alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy so that the electrical components of a vehicle can reach power. If you add the other parts, cables and sensors required by your car’s electrical system, any failure will make your car run poorly, with the risk of being stranded on the side of the road.

In addition, if you are driving a hybrid car or a vehicle with an idle stop-start option, your alternator acts as a starter for your car’s powertrain.

When is it time for a new alternator?

Your battery sign is on while driving or the output voltage of your alternator is beyond normal range? Your battery is drained and doesn’t charge up properly while your car is running? This could well be due to the fact that your alternator needs a replacement.

If any component fails, you will experience either a drained battery or electronic problems quite soon.

NAPA Auto Parts carries every alternator part you may need in order to get your car in working order again with quality parts.