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NAPA Premium coated brake Rotors

premium rotors and drums



NAPA Premium rotors are manufactured to meet the strictest physical, safety, and performance requirements and surpass standard models. NAPA uses G3000 material and follows OE specifications for plate thickness and fin design. By contrast, the many low-cost, inferior products on the market deviate from OE design, which often results in brake pulsation.



  • OE form, fit, and function – no machining necessary
  • Quality standards – material meets North American standards
  • Protective coating – meets or exceeds OE standards to protect against salt and chemical corrosion, helping maintain a clean, long-lasting appearance
  • 100% balanced – smooth braking performance
  • Clean metal-to-metal (hub to inner hat) mounting surface minimizes lateral run-out issues
  • Warranty – 18 months or 24,000 km from installation



Unfortunately, there are plenty of inferior products still on the market, and many of them fail to meet metal and machining specifications. Some manufacturers remove material, resulting in thinner rotor plates and, consequently, fewer and thinner vanes. The bottom line is, it’s never a good idea to deviate from OE design. Here are some important reasons to avoid inferior products:

  • Lightweight design
  • Thin plates
  • Deviation from OE design
  • Failure to meet proper machining specifications
  • Out-of-specification metallurgy
  • Poor performance and durability



Passenger cars and light/medium duty trucks, from the Toyota Corolla to the Chevrolet Silverado.