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Find The Best Battery For Your Vehicle, Truck, Atv, Motorcycle, Or Boat, In A Few Clicks.

Find the perfect battery for your vehicle, truck, atv, motorcycle, or boat, in a few clicks.

At NAPA, we offer a wide range of batteries for your vehicle. Depending on your model or requirements, we have the spare battery that you need.

Getting a battery for your vehicle is easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Use our online battery selector tool to find the right battery that fits with your model.
  2. Reserve your battery in a few clicks.
  3. Pay and pick up your battery at your local NAPA Auto parts store. Note that most orders will be ready to pick-up within two hours of the time the order was placed online.

From AGM automotive batteries to products for marine and recreational applications, NAPA Auto Parts meet all of your needs.

Reserve your battery online and pick it up at a NAPA store near you!


We know automotive batteries. Whether you are looking for an AGM or a traditional battery for a domestic or imported car, SUV or a truck, NAPA Auto Parts has what you need.


For strength and superior energy supply, we have batteries with the AGM technology. We also offer the series of batteries “The Legend” that deliver legendary power and adjust to your vehicle. Finally, for a long-life battery, the “Power Start” series provides power for all your electronics. Reserve your battery online and pick it up at a NAPA store near you!

  • AGM technology: AGM batteries are manufactured with absorbed glass mat. These batteries are top-of-the-line and perfectly adapted to cars with lots of electronics. In addition to lasting twice as long as traditional batteries, they offer greater resistance to vibrations, a spill proof system, better start protection, and unparalleled durability. These batteries are ideal for short and repetitive journeys since the recharge cycle is shorter than any traditional battery. In addition, it is suitable for winter due to a superior resistance to frost and cold weather.
  • NAPA Powerstart batteries: Power Start batteries are maintenance-free designed for long life. Having a large capacity of energy, these batteries can provide the energy that is required for any accessories such as chargers, computers, etc. Its calcium design provides minimal water loss and a minimum gas release, ensuring a high-quality and maintenance-free battery. In addition, the Power Start batteries are shock and vibration resistant. They are also easy to carry, since they have a carrying handle. Treat yourself with a superior starting power!
  • NAPA The Legend series: The series of batteries “NAPA The Legend” meets all the needs of vehicles. With a diverse selection, these batteries satisfy the highest requirements. They are especially designed to meet European standards, to provide an exact OE battery fit. Depending on your needs, The Legend batteries will satisfy you. Indeed, you can opt for an AGM battery made of absorbed glass mat or for a lead-acid batteries. Finding a spare battery will be easy and quick!

Find the perfect battery for your recreative vehicle.

Batteries for motorcycles and recreational vehicles are suitable for ATVs, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. These batteries meet OE standards.

Multisport batteries are designed to meet the demands of today’s recreational users. Indeed, these are ideal for a variety of leisure, including ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and more. All of our batteries are manufactured to meet OE specifications. In addition, Multisport batteries have a superior vibration resistance that protects against long trips, off-road travel or even wave-pounding abuse. We offer conventional Multisport batteries as well as Multisport AGM batteries.

Conventional multisport batteries:

Multisport batteries are suitable for a variety of recreational vehicles, including ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, motorcycles, and more. These are batteries that do not require maintenance since they are sealed. They are therefore safer because they have a spillproof design that protects riders and equipment. Recreational vehicles face higher road conditions. This is why Multi Sport batteries are suitable for sporty driving with their superior vibration resistance. Finally, you can trust Multi sport batteries for their low self-discharge rate, for long, off-season storage. No matter what your hobby is, it’s the optimal choice.

AGM Multisport batteries:

Multisport AGM batteries are equipped with absorbed glass mat. This sort of glass detain a higher energy capacity, which allows them to adapt to today’s vehicle. In addition, this type of battery provides high resistance to shocks and vibrations. It is ideal for short and repetitive journeys since the recharge cycle is shorter than any traditional battery. In addition, it is suitable for winter due to a superior resistance to frost and cold weather. It is a perfect battery for your recreational vehicle.

Marine and deep cycle batteries

When it comes to marine batteries, we offer a wide range of products. Indeed, there are marine starting batteries, as well as deep cycle batteries. Each of them has their own characteristics. All you have to do, is to choose the right one for your mode of transportation. We make it easy at NAPA with the option of selecting your recreational vehicle or marine. By entering the year, the brand and the model of your vehicle or boat, we display batteries that are right for you.

The biggest difference between a starter battery and a cycle battery is the way they discharge their energy. Starter batteries are designed to discharge a large amount of energy on a short period of time. In contrast, deep cycle batteries are designed to discharge a smaller amount of energy over a longer period of time.

Deep cycle batteries consist of fewer but thicker plates than regular batteries. This characteristic allows the battery to provide continuous power output over long periods of time. They are designed to discharge a small amount of energy over a long period. Often, deep cycle batteries are compared to a marathon runner. Indeed, those kinds of batteries offer less speed than starting batteries, but much more endurance. Because they are designed to discharge a small amount of energy over a longer period, deep cycle batteries are often used to power small vehicles, such as electrical wheelchairs, golf carts, a trolling motor, etc. Depending on your form of transportation, buy a deep cycle batteries for better results!

NAPA Auto Parts carries gel, lead-acid, and AGM battery models, so look no further for a 12 V deep cycle battery for your RV or boat.

Batteries for lawn and garden equipment

At NAPA Auto Parts, we carry batteries for all your yard equipment and tools.

These batteries ensure run time. The flat cover prevent acid leaks, and the separators prevent shorts, so they can be safely stored all winter long. Also, our batteries resist to vibration damage.

Power your mower and more yard tools with long-lasting lawn and garden NAPA Auto Parts batteries.


Avoiding battery failure is easy. Equip yourself with a good charger so your battery offers you optimal performance at all times. Being stuck with a dead battery in the middle of a snowstorm or on the highway is never pleasant. For emergency boost, get yourself a jump starter and good booster cables. It is a small investment, it does not take up much space, but they will certainly come in handy in an emergency.

Get it all at one of NAPA Auto Parts store near you. Choose from our Clore Automotive booster PACs, NAPA Carlyle battery chargers, and Ultrapro mini jump starters.

Regardless of how much power you need for your vehicle, truck, RV or motorcycle, we have a charging solution for your battery.

Avoid the hassle and gear up at NAPA Auto Parts.