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Liquid glass: Nanoceramic coating for windshields

Made in Canada, ITEKT liquid glass protects your windshield and increases visibility. This innovative technology acts at the molecular level, offering the best windshield protection to date.

Itekt Windshield

Comparison table, ITEKT and its competitors

  Competitors ITekt
Water-repellent x x
Effective for 1 month x x
Effective for 3 months x x
Effective for 6 months to 1 year   x
Liquid glass, nanoceramic coating   x
Silicone-free   x
20% superior shatter resistance   x
20% superior scratch resistance   x
Superior ice formation resistance   x
No foggy or halo effects, no streaks   x
Repels dirt, reduces washer fluid consumption   x

Kit contents:

  • 1 cleaner, 12 ml
  • 1 protector, 12 ml
  • 1 microfibre cloth
  • 2 cloths

How to apply ITEKT liquid glass:

  • Apply the cleaner to one of the blue cloths and decontaminate your vehicle’s wipers and windshield
  • Using the other blue cloth, apply three thin coats of the protector solution to the auto glass surface
  • Let it dry for one minute
  • Polish with the microfibre cloth

Repels dust and dirt

Repel Dust

Repel dust - ITEKT on the left – Other product on the right

Repel Dirt

Repel dirt – half treated, half not

Resists ice formation


Frost - Half iTEKT

A closer look


Science iTEKT

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