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Alternators and Starters 

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The alternator is the heart of a vehicle's electrical system, whether it is a car, truck, boat, or tractor. While the battery provides initial and reserve power, it is the alternator that powers all the electrical components when the engine is running. A bad alternator can cause a host of problems throughout the entire electrical system, especially on modern vehicles loaded with technology. NAPA has brand new alternators and premium 100% remanufactured alternators for almost every application. Don't get caught with a dead battery or malfunctioning electrical system when a replacement alternator is as close as your local NAPA Auto Parts location.

The starter is an unsung hero of a vehicle's electrical system. Often ignored and hidden well out of sight, a bad starter can mean a lousy start to the day in most cases. If turning the ignition key returns the clicking sound of a starter solenoid instead of a healthy engine rotation, the starter may have called it quits. Before jumping to conclusions it is always a good idea to verify that the battery or loose cables aren't the problem. If the rest of the charging system is in good shape, a worn out starter or starter solenoid could be the culprit. NAPA has brand new starters and premium 100% remanufactured starters for almost every application. Don't get stranded by a dead starter when a replacement starter is as close as your local NAPA Auto Parts location.