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NAPA Wipers

Many drivers underestimate the importance of high-quality wiper blades until they are faced with poor visibility in harsh weather conditions. Whether you are battling icy snow or heavy rain, NAPA Wipers guarantee perfect visibility on the road. Our windshield wipers offer superior performance and easy installation, making them the ideal wipers for your every need.

 NAPA NeoForm®
NAPA ExactFit®
NAPA Proformer®
NAPA Heavy Duty
NAPA Classic


NAPA NeoForm® Wipers

NeoForm® wipers are made to last for up to 12 months. The streamlined design of these wipers prevents the buildup of snow and ice. Unlike conventional wipers, NeoForm® wiper blades are perfectly suited to the often curved windshields of new vehicles. These wipers are made of a curved metal bar covered in high-quality rubber (a blend of natural and synthetic material), which ensures maximum performance, no matter the weather.


NAPA ExactFit® Wipers

NAPA ExactFit® means peace of mind. Simply select your vehicle on our website and you’ll be matched with the very same type of windshield wipers as the ones on your car the day it left the factory. Same quality, same design, whether conventional, hybrid, or beam-style. We carry replacement blades in every size for the driver side, passenger side, and rear window. NAPA ExactFit® wipers are sold with pre-assembled OE-match connectors to ensure the perfect fit for your vehicle.


NAPA Proformer® Wipers

The NAPA Proformer® line offers a range of conventional windshield wipers, each featuring a classic metal frame and sturdy design for silent, streak-free performance. NAPA Proformer® wipers are easy to install and available for the driver side, passenger side, and rear window. This affordable product will allow you to replace your wipers without breaking the bank.


NAPA Heavy Duty Wipers

At NAPA Auto Parts, we have a wide selection of NAPA Heavy Duty wiper blades to save you the trouble of searching for a reliable wiper blade for your trucks, tractors, buses, and other recreational vehicles (RVs). NAPA Heavy Duty wiper blades are available in sizes up to 40 inches long and are specifically engineered to deliver a streak-free and clear wiping action for improved visibility and a safer driving experience.

Heavy Duty

NAPA Classic Wipers

Step back in time with our NAPA Classic wiper blades, which combine vintage design with timeless performance. Made for vintage enthusiasts, these wiper blades ensure smooth and uniform wiping to keep your windshield clear. NAPA Classic wipers have a brushed metal finish that mirrors old-school stainless steel while ensuring no glare. They preserve the old-fashioned chrome look you love in a design that meets modern-day safety standards.



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Properly sized wiper blades are crucial for clear visibility; they ensure maximum contact with your windshield surface to effectively clear away rain, snow, and debris. Using the wrong wiper size may cause streaks or missed spots, potentially impairing visibility and compromising road safety. Wiper blade sizes typically range from 16-inch blades to 29-inch blades. Our NAPA Auto Parts website makes it easy to determine the appropriate wiper blade size for your vehicle. There’s no need to measure anything! Simply select your vehicle’s year, make, and model in the drop-down menu to the left and our search engine will display the correct wiper blades for your car.

However, if you would like to manually determine your wiper size, measure the wiper from end to end using a tape measure or ruler by lifting the wiper arm away from the windshield and placing it in an upright position. Both the driver- and passenger-side wipers need to be measured individually, as they may be different lengths.


Regularly inspecting and maintaining your wiper blades is important, particularly if they’re exposed to harsh weather conditions for extended periods. It is recommended to check them for any signs of damage or deterioration every few months and to replace them at least once a year. It’s equally important to have the correct wiper blade for the season; changing your wipers in preparation for harsh snow during the winter or thunderstorms in the warmer months is also recommended. You should regularly clean your wipers and remove any leaves, ice, or other obstructions from your windshield to ensure the blades maintain proper contact with the windshield for effective wiping.

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