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Few aspects of automotive safety are as important as lighting. Selecting quality exterior and interior lights is crucial to keeping yourself and others safe on the road and having a comfortable driving experience. No matter what type of automotive lighting you need, NAPA’s got you covered.

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When it comes to automotive maintenance, one component that should never be overlooked is lighting. NAPA lamps, renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability, are among the top choices for bulbs in the automotive industry. Bright and long-lasting, they are a safe and reliable option. NAPA lamps will improve your visibility on the road and enhance your driving experience.

Headlight Bulbs

Headlights play an important role in ensuring proper visibility on the road: they allow you to see and be seen. Not only do they make it possible to spot potential hazards or obstacles ahead of you, but they also ensure oncoming traffic can see you from afar, which helps prevent collisions. Headlights are vital in low-light conditions and are primarily used at night to ensure visibility. For your safety, it’s important to regularly check your vehicle’s bulbs for potential damage or burnout. Keep in mind that headlight bulbs come in various sizes, such as H1, H3, H4, H7, 9005, and 9006. These numbers represent fitting requirements that are specific to each vehicle. Therefore, before replacing a bulb, make sure to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the correct bulb size for your car.


Taillight Bulbs

Taillights, marker lights, turn lights, and brake lights are all part of the rear lighting of your vehicle. They serve various purposes, but all aim to signal your presence and intentions to motorists behind you. Taillights and marker lights illuminate the rear edges of the vehicle to highlight its size and shape. Turn lights indicate when you’re about to turn left or right, and brake lights signal that you’re slowing down. Maintaining your vehicle’s rear lighting is crucial for road safety. It’s particularly important in poor-visibility conditions during the harsh winter months.


Interior Lighting

Interior automotive lighting elevates your overall driving experience, yet it’s often overlooked. Footwell, door panel, and dashboard lighting all contribute to your driving comfort while also keeping you safe. Regularly checking the bulbs in your dashboard instrument panel is extremely important to ensure you can easily read gauges and instruments. To personalize your vehicle, you can also customize the colour and intensity of ambient and accent lighting. At NAPA Auto Parts, we have all the bulbs and elements you need for your vehicle’s interior.



  • How to Choose the Right Bulb for Your Car



The vast array of automotive lightbulbs on the market can be overwhelming. Whether you want to upgrade on brightness or change up the style of your car’s interior, knowing the pros and cons of the various bulbs will help you make the right choice. Here is an overview of the three most popular bulbs we offer at NAPA Auto Parts.

Halogen: Halogen bulbs are the most commonly used lightbulbs for vehicles. Drivers often choose them because they’re the most cost-effective option. They are also brighter and longer-lasting than traditional incandescent bulbs. If you’re looking for maximum brightness, NAPA DRV+ bulbs offer greater down-road visibility without added glare. Replacing halogen bulbs is very simple, and you’ll find many products to choose from at NAPA Auto Parts.

LED: LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs have become a popular alternative to traditional halogen bulbs because they offer better energy efficiency and an impressive lifespan. LEDs use only 80% of the electrical current that halogens require, thus consuming less energy and producing minimal heat. This means that they’re not only more durable, but also more environmentally friendly. We offer an extensive range of Sylvania LED interior and exterior light bulbs for your vehicle.

HID: HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs have gained popularity over the years due to their significantly brighter light beam. The intensity of these bulbs provides enhanced visibility for drivers in adverse weather conditions. However, HID installations are more complicated than halogen bulbs, as they require hardware upgrades to maintain their higher voltage.

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