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NAPA BodyPro: Full Line Of Professionnal Car Care Products


Professional Car Wash & Detailing Products

The NAPA BodyPro car care line features professional-grade products designed specifically for your car. Over the past 15-plus years, NAPA BodyPro has forged a solid industry reputation for offering products that get the job done without compromising on quality or convenience. When it comes to detailing your vehicle, choosing the right products and equipment is essential to achieve the best results. Whether you’re looking to clean, protect, or restore the shine on your vehicle, NAPA BodyPro offers a full line of powerful products for your car’s interior and exterior.


Paint and body repair is an essential aspect of maintaining and restoring the appearance of your vehicle. Over time, cars can sustain various forms of damage, such as scratches, dents, and paint chips. Not only do these issues detract from a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, but they can also compromise structural integrity.

When it comes to painting a car, one of the most important steps is preparing the surface and masking off areas that shouldn’t be painted. Moreover, achieving a perfect colour match is essential for restoring a vehicle’s appearance and value. You can do this by identifying your car’s paint code, which will give you the exact formula for its original paint colour.

Rust is a common problem that affects all types of metal surfaces, so rust protection is crucial to maintaining the integrity and aesthetic of your vehicle. Applying a protective undercoating or rust inhibitor can help prevent your vehicle from rusting.

By choosing the right paint and body repair products, you can extend the life of your vehicle.

Auto Body Pro Repair


Washing and detailing are crucial for maintaining the appearance and value of your vehicle.

Exterior detailing can help keep your vehicle looking shiny and new. Dirt, grime, and dust can accumulate on your car’s exterior, causing damage to the paint and body over time. Regular car washing and detailing can help remove these contaminants.

Detailing includes cleaning the inside of your vehicle. A dirty interior can harbour bacteria, allergens, and odours, which can affect your health and comfort while driving. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris from the carpets and seats. Then, use an interior plastic and vinyl detailer spray to clean and protect the dashboard, centre console, and door panels.

To ensure the best results, use high-quality products designed specifically for cars; avoid using household chemicals or abrasive brushes, which can scratch or damage the paint. By incorporating regular car washes into your maintenance routine, you can keep your vehicle looking like new for longer.



Car detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning and restoring a vehicle to its original condition. It involves a wide range of tasks, including washing, waxing, and polishing. Having the right tools and products at your disposal can make all the difference in ensuring that your vehicle looks clean, shiny, and well maintained.

Popular detailing products include high-quality soaps, waxes, and polishes specifically formulated for automotive use. Additionally, specialized tools such as brushes, microfibre towels, and clay bars can help you achieve a more thorough clean.

While there are many different aspects to car detailing, one of the most important is waxing and polishing. This entails first using a clay bar to remove any contaminants from the paint surface, then using a buffer or orbital polisher to remove scratches and swirl marks from the paintwork.

By applying these products, you can achieve an immaculate finish that will make your car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.



Specialized detailing products are essential for car enthusiasts who want to keep their vehicles in pristine condition. These products provide specialized care—such as paint correction, ceramic coatings, and interior detailing—for specific areas of a vehicle.

After cleaning and polishing your vehicle, it’s important to apply a detailer spray, spray wax, cleaning wax, or carnauba or polymer wax. These products provide long-lasting protection against environmental factors such as UV rays and oxidation while enhancing your vehicle’s shine.

The finishing touches to a full detailing service include checking for leftover debris, eliminating any odours from the interior, spraying all carpets and upholstery with a fabric guard, wiping down surfaces with a microfibre cloth, and adding an air freshener for a clean scent.

Paying attention to these final details will ensure that your vehicle looks its best and stays protected for longer.




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