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Ford Model 022A
Brakes, Brake Pads, Rotors and Calipers

Is your Ford Model 022A not stopping like it used to or making a squealing noise when you stop? Even modern safety technology like ABS (anti lock brakes) and traction control are useless if a disc brake pad is worn out or disc brake rotor is badly warped. Your brake system has to be in top shape to keep you, your passengers, and others drivers safe on the road. That's why NAPA Auto Parts carries a large variety of brake friction, hardware and parts to cover almost every vehicle and driving style.

Stopping your Ford Model 022A safely means maintaining the entire brake system and not waiting until something wears out completely or breaks. From where the brake fluid starts in the master cylinder, to the brake line and brake hose it flows through, to the brake caliper or wheel cylinder that transfers the motion from the brake pedal, to the brake pad or brake shoe that applies the pressure, to the brake rotor or brake drum that does the stopping, each piece is important. Visit your local NAPA Auto Parts for all your brake service needs including low dust Adaptive One brake pads.
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