From summer to winter, our blades are designed to meet all OE requirements and can be installed in a minute. Depending on your needs, we have the right windshield wiper blades. Whether you need conventional, winter or hybrid wiper blades.



These flat wiper blades boast superior craftsmanship and an above-average lifespan. Even in bad conditions, NeoForm wipers will last for up to 12 months. The streamlined design of these wipers prevents the buildup of snow or ice. They are composed of a curved metal bar covered in high-quality rubber (a blend of natural and synthetic material), which ensures extreme weather durability. Because of their contoured shape, the blades exert uniform pressure. Unlike conventional wipers, which have between six and eight pressure points, beam wipers maintain contact with the windshield across the entire length of the blade. As a result, NeoForm beam wiper blades are perfectly suited to the often curved windshields of new vehicles. Their aerodynamic profile keeps them from being lifted up by the wind. As a matter of fact, they work even better in crosswinds, which push the blade against the surface of the windshield for maximum performance, no matter what the weather.


What size wiper do you need? Which model should you choose? Whether you have no clue or simply want to save yourself some time, at NAPA, we know exactly what kind of wipers were originally installed by your car’s manufacturer.

NAPA ExactFit means peace of mind. Simply select your vehicle and we’ll show you the very same type of windshield wipers as the one on your car the day it left the factory. Same quality, same design, whether conventional, hybrid, or beam-style. We carry replacement blades in every size (180 mm to 800 mm) and every type (driver’s or passenger side and rear window). Made with high-quality natural rubber, they deliver long-lasting performance.

NAPA ExactFit wipers are sold with pre-assembled OE-match connectors to ensure the perfect fit for your vehicle. That means no unwanted surprises—installation is a breeze!


The NAPA Proformer line offers a range of conventional windshield wipers. Featuring a classic metal frame and sturdy design, these wipers promise silent, streak-free performance. NAPA Proformer wipers are easy to install and available for the driver’s and passenger sides as well as the rear windshield. This affordable product will allow you to replace your wipers without breaking the bank!


Own a vintage car? Perhaps a really old Cadillac? Chances are you’d never dream of putting state-of-the-art windshield wipers on your pride and joy. NAPA’s range of classic wipers was made for vintage enthusiasts. Their brushed metal finish mirrors old-school stainless steel while ensuring no glare. They preserve the old-fashioned look you love in a design that meets modern-day safety standards.


NAPA Auto Parts caters to every type of vehicle. Our line of windshield wipers includes products for trucks, tractors, buses, and other recreational vehicles (RVs). However big or small your windshield, you’ll find the ideal wiper blades for your vehicle. NAPA’s heavy-duty wipers range from 10 to 40 inches!


Choosing the right wiper blades for your vehicle is easy as 1-2-3!
1. Choose the wipers that exactly match your vehicle using our wiper selector: enter your vehicle’s year, make and model and you’re all set!
2. Place your order online and select how you want to receive your wipers: home delivery or pickup in store?
3. Receive your order at home or pick it up at your local NAPA Auto Parts store once you got email confirmation that it is ready!

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