Armor All

Armor All prides itself with more than 50 years of car care innovations that help you get the results you want…in less time with less effort! The Armor All range presents cleaning products for all parts of your car. At NAPA Auto Parts, we offer all the cleaners, waxes, protectants, and other small accessories to protect and keep your car looking new!

Armor All Categories

Everyday Proof Your Car

Try washing your car in a cool, shady area to avoid streaking and reduce water spotting. Start at the top of the vehicle and move down. The bottom parts of your car accumulate the most dirt, so starting at the top will help to avoid dragging dirt onto other parts of your car. Use an automotive car wash instead of dish soap, as some dish soaps can strip the wax and damage the car’s finish.


Foam Cannon Kit

Get a premium wash at home, the Armor All® Foam Cannon Kit includes a Foam Cannon + Snow Foam Wash, giving you everything you and your car need to start every day proofing your car. Intense clinging foam actively loosens dirt with less effort by sticking to your car throughout the washing process.

Ceramic Line

Introducing the ultimate in SiO2 ceramic repellency, shine, and everyday proof cleaning products for 2021:

  • Keeps vehicles clean for longer in between washes!
  • Formulated with ceramic + shine technology!
  • Creates an invisible protective barrier with long-lasting results!

Detailing Your Car

Plastic and rubber can be found all over a car’s exterior — the trim, molding, bumpers, even the brackets that hold wiper blades. Use a protectant to restore the look of faded and discolored plastic and rubber and protect them from damaging UV rays. For best results, let the protectant penetrate the plastic or rubber material before wiping clear!

Original Protectants

Your vehicle is exposed to dirt, grime, and harmful elements every day. Armor All has a proprietary Original Protectant formula that provides enhanced control, a non-greasy finish, and a deeper shine. All this plus UVA and UVB protection, which you have relied on for years to preserve the natural beauty of your vehicle.

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